Door Entry System

We offer a wide range of audio and video door entry systems. These are suitable for single or multiple occupancy buildings. Protecting your property requires more than a simple lock. Controlling access to any building is essential. This is especially the case with apartment buildings. A proper door entry system will ensure that the entry lock will only release to authorised people. From hard-wired to wireless, there are options suitable for a wide range of applications. The systems we provide are robust enough to resist vandals and outdoor weather conditions.

Audio and Video Door Entry System

Videx are one of the leading manufacturers of video door entry and access control systems in the UK. The latest range of Videx high specification videophones and video
monitors can be used with any of the Videx entry panels, providing a stylish and user friendly interface suitable for all residential and commercial applications.

All products in the range are accredited ‘Secured by Design’, the official police flagship initiative supporting the principles of designing-out crime. The initiative has been proven to reduce crime risk by 75%.
Wireless Door Entry

Audio door entry systems offering the installation benefits of wireless connectivity. Our wireless door entry solutions come in all shapes and sizes from DECT intercom systems, utilising a speech unit with a transmitter and wireless handsets, to more complex systems such as the Cellcom Plus, which uses a separate antenna which sends a GSM signal which can be programmed to call your house phone or mobile.

We also have a Predator Wifi range which allows you to speak to and see your visitors directly on your smart phone. The antenna connected to your video door entry panel connects wirelessly to your home’s Wi-Fi hub. We can help you to find the right wireless door entry solution for your needs. 
VX2200 Concierge Door Entry

Particularly suited to applications where a concierge operator is responsible for multiple apartment blocks or is sited remotely. The VX2220 IP is a new addition to the VX2200 system, enabling a concierge to be connected via a LAN or WAN to one or more VX2200 systems using either conventional cable or fibre optics. Both audio and video are streamed.

The concierge unit is available as either a desk mount videophone with touch screen and handsfree functionality or a PC based programme. Multiple operators can be used on each system.

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