Quality guaranteed with a Laidlaw handrail and balustrade


Laidlaw is a trusted name among architectural suppliers, providing market-leading premium bespoke handrails and balustrade systems. Now an independent business, the company continues to offer the most comprehensive package of standards-compliant products in the business.

Choose from five handrail and balustrade systems – Laidlaw Nylon Line, Laidlaw Timber Line, Laidlaw Stainless Line, Laidlaw Combi Line, and Laidlaw Structural Glass - all of which are designed and manufactured to ultra-precise standards using high grade materials, such as stainless steel, toughened structural glass and high-strength 4mm Polyamide (PA) sleeves that are approximately 68 times warmer to the touch than stainless steel.

And if you need to match products to corporate colours, that can be done too.

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