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With safety being a priority in any building or development, it's crucial to get an integrated system in place that provides what is required.

It's why Laidlaw, a trusted name among architectural suppliers, now offers a comprehensive range of security systems, featuring robust, future-proof products, including the latest Orbis door access control, biometric readers, CCTV and tailgate/people counting devices that are ideal for a wide range of settings – from military buildings to retail environments and residential to educational buildings.

Orbis, Laidlaw’s groundbreaking, licence-free software offers unparalleled features for any access system, while its full suite of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers can be integrated into existing identification systems.

Other premium products include the Orbis door controller, the world’s first native PoE/PoE+ BACnet access control unit, and the Laidlaw INVIXIUM biometric reader, which features Lumidigm multi-spectral fingerprint sensors that maximise performance and return superior quality images.

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