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The integrated approach to your building's access and security.

Laidlaw security systems products provide the integrated approach to your building's access and security. Our integrated security systems approach means we provide a ‘total building’ solution. This is designed to protect people, assets and information for years to come. Laidlaw protects in a way that suits your building and its users, now and in the future.

We focus on the design, manufacture and installation of integrated security systems. You can take confidence in our technical knowledge and support services. Our specialist advice is available at all stages of a project. From the initial design and specification through to installation, commissioning and training.

Our solutions are designed to integrate with a wide range of complementary technologies. This simplifies the specification and supply process, ensuring compatibility and full integration. We have a wide range of integrated security systems as shown below:

Door Entry.

Whether for a block of apartments or commercial office space, we can provide an door entry system. They can be designed to be totally self-contained or to integrate with access control and automatic door controls. They provide a safe, secure and convenient solution to suit your needs now and in the future.
Control and CCTV monitoring can be incorporated if necessary as an integral part of a system. This can be administered from a central location using fully integrated software.

CCTV Monitoring.

Whether for safety, security or just peace of mind, a wide range of surveillance and monitoring solutions can be supplied and installed by Laidlaw Security Systems. Our team of specialists will assess your needs. We can immediate environment of the building and provide a suitable solution. Each system can be installed as a stand alone system or as part of an integrated solution to your building’s security and access requirements.

Cylinders and Masterkeying.

Laidlaw Locking Systems specialise in mechanical security solutions. We design and produce a range of masterkey solutions using a variety of locking cylinders. This allows us to balance the requirements for access control, restricted key blank duplication and the convenience of local key cutting. Our systems are available to suit any size of application. From a simple residential block to a complex multi-site university or hospital.

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