Timber Handrails

The Timber Handrail system uses four basic types of timber, in conjunction with either nylon-sleeved galvanised steel or stainless steel components. This system provides plenty of opportunities to meet the latest guidelines for visual contrast as determined by a difference in LRV.

Structural Stability

The balustrades can resist a uniformly distributed line load of up to 0.74 kN/m, making them suitable for use on all staircases, except those that are likely to be subject to

The wooden handrails are coated with a colourless lacquer which is suitable for use internally. The
lacquered finish ensures that the handrails are easy to keep clean.

Where the associated components are nylon-sleeved, the material is coloured throughout. This means that the colour cannot be chipped, scratched off or worn away. Similarly, any stainless steel components are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel. For both these materials, cleaning and maintenance is minimal with any marks being easily removed with a damp cloth.
Tactile characteristics

The timber handrails and balustrades finish by returning to a wall or with a closed end. This alerts a visually impaired user that they have reached the end of a flight. It also ensures that clothing cannot be snagged on an open-ended rail. Handrails will terminate either with a rose fixing on the wall or with a stop end.

Touch characteristics

Due to stainless steel having a very high thermal conductivity, a timber handrail is much more comfortable
for users to hold.

Visual characteristics

The Laidlaw Timber handrail system provides plenty of opportunities to meet the latest guidelines for
visual contrast as determined by a difference in LRV (Light Reflectance Value) due to its range of timber finishes and the choice of material for the other
Nylon components, in particular, have a colour range that gives plenty of scope for the handrails or balustrades to contrast well against their background. 

Design compatibility

The stainless steel uprights and connections complement the Orbis range of architectural ironmongery and other stainless steel design elements. Similarly, the nylon colours are the same as those used for the Normbau architectural ironmongery range of lever furniture, pull handles and push plates for doors, giving numerous opportunities for colour matching.
The timber handrail range:

We have four standard wooden handrail finishes available:       
   European Ash
   European Oak

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