Stainless Steel Handrail & Stainless Steel Balustrades

Laidlaw's Stainless Steel handrail & balustrades are produced from marine grade stainless steel. These stainless steel balustrades systems are ideal for a wide range of applications and can be installed both internally and externally. They can be specified and ordered to complement other modern stainless steel architecture.

Structural stability

Structural stability of the system is great they can resist a uniformly distributed line load of up to 1.5 kN/m
which makes them suitable for use on all staircases, except those that are likely to be overcrowded by the general public.

Due to the choice of marine grade stainless steel used in this handrail system it can be used in even in the most aggressive environments both internally and externally. It is suitable, therefore, for a wide range of building types. Maintenance is kept to a minimum with any marks being removed using a damp cloth.
Touch characteristics

Stainless steel handrails can be colder to the touch than nylon and timber alternatives as such it is not
recommended that this handrail system is installed externally for public buildings which are subject to cold weather.

Tactile characteristics

When designing stainless steel handrail systems we take into account the tactile characteristics for individuals who rely on this for safety. All handrails finish by returning to a
wall or with a closed end telling a visually impaired user that they have reached the end of a flight. This also ensures that clothing or accessories are not snagged on an open-ended rail. Handrails terminate either with a rose
fixing on the wall or with a stop end.
Visual contrast

Laidlaw Balustrades ‘brushed’ finish is compatible with the guidance in Approved Document M and BS 8300 which states that handrails should contrast with the background against which they are seen, without being highly reflective.
Design compatibility

The stainless steel range complements perfectly the Orbis range of architectural hardware, which is
available exclusively from Laidlaw. It is also ideal where it is necessary to match other stainless steel design elements, such as light fittings.

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The choice of marine grade stainless steel, this system can be used equally well internally and externally, even in the most aggressive environments. It is suitable, therefore, for a wide range of building types. The balustrades can resist a uniformly distributed line load of up to 1.5 kN/m, making it suitable for use.

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