Nylon-sleeved galvanized Handrails

Laidlaw’s Nylon handrail system is ideal for areas of heavy use such as in schools,
hospitals and other buildings with high pedestrian use. The touch characteristics
of Nylon also make them ideal for external handrail applications. 

Structural stability

The galvanized balustrades can resist a uniformly distributed line load of up to 0.74 kN/m. They are therefore suitable for use on all staircases, apart from those that are likely to be subject to overcrowding.

Nylon-sleeved galvanized handrails are extremely durable and they remain visually attractive and in top condition throughout the life of the building. This is due to the 4mm thick nylon sleeve which is coloured throughout meaning the colour cannot be chipped, scratched off or
worn away. Maintenance and cleaning are also minimal with any marks being easily removed with a damp cloth.
Visual contrast

The colour range of the Laidlaw Nylon system provides the greatest flexibility in meeting the guidelines for visual
contrast as determined by a difference in LRV (Light Reflectance Value). The range of 12 colours has a mixture of light ‘high LRV’ colours and dark ‘low LRV’ colours that can be chosen according to the background against which the handrails or balustrades is to be seen. 

Touch characteristics

Whereas stainless steel has negligible resistance to heat flow for a given thickness, nylon is 68 times better, making it feel less cold to touch. Nylon handrails are therefore ideal for external applications in buildings that are used by the general public.
Tactile indicators

Although not included in Building Regulation guidance, tactile indicators can help to make a building more
‘inclusive’. When incorporated into handrails, they can indicate to a visually impaired person the presence of the first and last risers on a staircase, as well as floor levels. Braille indicators can also be included to highlight a
floor number.
The Nylon handrail colour range

The nylon colours are the same as those used for the Normbau architectural ironmongery range of lever furniture, pull handles and push plates for doors. This colour matching can be useful in schools, hospitals and nursing homes where the colour can be used to indicate a particular floor or activity area.

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