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The installation of a well designed handrail and balustrade system, using quality materials and construction
enhances the visual and tactile nature of a building and influences the way in which the building is perceived as a welcoming and comfortable place to be. As a leading Handrail supplier, Laidlaw Balustrades provide a complete service from site survey through to design, manufacture  and installation.
Quality design. Quality build. Quality finish.
Our wide range of products and material options enables us to offer a complete end-to-end handrail and balustrade solution. We manufacture systems that combine functionality and performance which means you can choose a style that marries seamlessly with your project’s design and also provides the necessary technical performance.
Systems are available in the following materials.
Stainless steel handrails
Our stainless steel handrail systems provide high mechanical strength and are virtually indestructible. High durability and resistance to high levels of use and abuse are combined with a high quality satin finish suitable for any quality installation.
Solid nylon
Unlike cheaper coated handrail options, Laidlaw Nylon systems have colour throughout the 4mm thick material with a steel core for strength.
Timber handrails
Timber handrail systems combine the strength of stainless steel for structural stability with the beauty and warmth of timber handrails. Available in a wide range of timber options.
Structural glass balustrades
For applications which require a highly aesthetic solution, our structural glass balustrade systems provide a seamless toughened glass barrier capable of providing solutions up to 3kN/m loading suitable for public areas.

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