Microsoft Headquarters

Sector: Commercial   Door type: Designer

The challenge.

The supply of a flush range of performance doorsets to the high end office development area of Cambridge's central business district, Station Road. In collaboration with Wates Construction Laidlaw supplied over 300 doorsets to the project. The doorsets required need to meet with necessary building regulations and standards.

The solution.

Laidlaw revives Microsoft Headquarters

Laidlaw has supplied a range of flush performance timber doorsets to the new Microsoft Research building in Cambridge. The Laidlaw doorsets offered Wates Construction a best value solution that met both the aesthetic and long-term performance requirements of the project.

The 83,000sqft, six-storey office building forms part of the CB1 master plan for Cambridge, a mixed-use development designed to provide a much needed boost to the heart of the city’s central business district and one of Cambridge’s most popular areas for visitors, Station Road.

Wates Construction specified 328 performance doorsets from Laidlaw’s Designer and Extended Performance ranges. The doorsets were constructed using the cost effective engineered performance core EnduraCor – its durability and stability make it especially suitable for busy office environments. In a recent independent test, EnduraCor was shown to be one hundred times more durable than multi-layered chipboard, achieving 1,000 more impacts than required by EN1192 Class 4, (at which point, the test was stopped), as well as achieving 2,000,000 cycles, 1,000,000 more than required by EN1191 Class 8. This highly cost-effective solution could significantly reduce ‘whole life’ repair and maintenance costs and may never have to be replaced.

Each doorset was finished with Hygienilac, Laidlaw’s anti-microbial additive incorporated within the lacquer on all veneered doorsets as standard, which inhibits the risk of infection against harmful bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Listeria, boasting a proven 99.9% kill rate.
For electrical and server rooms, noise transmission has been dampened by utilising doorsets to meet performance characteristics of up to 46RwdB sound reduction. All doorsets were finished in an American cherry quarter cut veneer, in-keeping with the design values of the project.

John Daltrey, Project Director from Wates Construction commented: “Laidlaw’s extensive experience and efficient production techniques ensured that even with a large fast track project, such as the Microsoft Research offices, guaranteed the timely delivery quality could be maintained”.

Steve Crease, Operations Director from SJ Eastern Carpentry, sub-contractor for the project, said: “We needed a durable, long-lasting product that looked good. The high acoustic performance criteria were also a crucial requirement, which is why Laidlaw’s Extended Performance range doorsets were ideal. Through working closely with Laidlaw and the main contractor, all of the project requirements were easily achieved.”

Garry Hatton, Project Manager from Laidlaw said: “We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional levels of service and cost-effective, high quality products. From our vast range of doorset solutions, we were able to supply the products that individually suited the different requirements of the Microsoft Research building, from our high acoustic doorsets in the Extended Performance range to our engineered performance core EnduraCor for long-lasting durability.”

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