Laidlaw and Videx - a winning combination

Videx Access Control

Laidlaw Security Systems and Videx, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of access control systems, are a winning combination when it comes to the very best in door entry security.

Together, they provide superlative security options for businesses, schools, apartment blocks or homes, thanks to Videx’s extensive range of robust products with vandal-resistant door panels that are accredited by Secured By Design, and Laidlaw’s technical know-how.

The VR4K Vandal Resistant Entry is particularly suitable for schools, housing association properties and public buildings, while the Videx 4000 & 8000 Series Modular Door Entry system allows customers to customise the outdoor station to suit the application.
Other models include the VR Digital Vandal Resistant Entry for premises with more than 20 apartments or offices and the 4212 Digital Vandal-Resistant Entry model with 128 x 64-pixel graphical LCD display.

Interior security is enhanced with Videx’s Kristallo Video Monitors and Videophones with 3.5” or 7” colour LCD TFT On-Screen-Display (OSD), call progress information and programming menus.

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