Laidlaw goes top of the class with university balustrade installation

Staffordshire University Structural Glass Balustrade

Laidlaw, the market leader of premium bespoke handrails and balustrade systems, has completed a project at one of the oldest buildings on the University of Staffordshire campus.

It supplied and installed a continuous glass balustrade, totalling 40 linear metres, for an accessible walkway outside the Cadman Building in Stoke-on-Trent.

Tailor-made to the exact specifications, the balustrade comprised an aluminium base track with brushed stainless steel cladding, plus 900-1100mm high, 15mm thick, clear glass, toughened to EN12150. It was fixed via a U-shaped channel to achieve 0.74kn loading and the installation was completed with satin-brushed grade 316 stainless steel handrails.
The result is a sleek, uncluttered modern look that complements the ornate 102-year-old red-brick building.

As one of the country’s leading specialists in architectural handrails and balustrades, the Laidlaw team works with architects and contractors across a wide range of sectors, delivering outstanding quality even in the most challenging of designs and specifications.

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