Laidlaw introduces full integration of Invixium Biometric readers

Laidlaw Security Systems has announced that it is to fully integrate Invixium biometric readers into its portfolio of products.

Invixium – a world-class manufacturer of next-generation biometric products – is an industry-leading system that is based on smart innovations and functionality, making this cutting-edge technology the ideal complement to Laidlaw’s products.

Laidlaw, a trusted name among architectural suppliers, will now integrate Invixium biometric readers with Orbis, its groundbreaking, licence-free software, which offers unparalleled features for any access system.

The beauty of Invixium technology is that it combines sophisticated matching algorithm at 10,000 matches per second along with multi-spectral fingerprint sensor technology supplied by Lumidigm.

The sensors detect the subsurface fingerprint, which increases biometric performance and enhances the throughput and accuracy of any application, even for the 2-5% of the population who have “problem fingerprints” that fail to enrol on conventional sensors.

In addition to being the first biometric product developed on the Android platform, Invixium products are equipped with industry-leading trusted technologies. These include capacitive touchscreen LCD with antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass, presence detection, IP65 rating, power over Ethernet (PoE), and HID’s iCLASS SE card reader.

To read the full press release please visit the Laidlaw Blog.

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