Orbis 900 series. 

53 900 series
Product Description
  • A range of the highest quality Grade 316 solid stainless steel pull handles produced from a distinctive elliptical section.
  • Suitable for use in high end projects where style and quality is key. 
  • Suites with our range of Orbis 900 series levers.
Important specification information

For standard bolt through application specify 'Thread side' pull handle only. For back to back applications specify one 'Thread side' and one 'Pin side' pull handle. Fixing bolts are supplied as standard to suit 40-55mm thick doors.

Item Code Centres (mm) Fixing Finishes? Image
53 922.30.1   300  Thread side? SS, PS, DPS, DSP 53-922 Pull handles image
53 922.45.1  450 SS, PS, DPS, DSP
53 922.30.2  300 Pin side? SS, PS, DPS, DSP
53 922.45.2   450 SS, PS, DPS, DSP
Item Code Centres (mm) Fixing Finishes? Image
53 920.30.1  300 Thread side? SS, PS 53-920 Pull handles image
53 920.45.1
  450  SS, PS
53 920.30.2   300 Pin side? SS, PS
53 920.45.2
  450  SS, PS

Pull handle fixings.

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