Cylinders - 01 200 series STD/KA.
01 200STD/KA Series A simplistic range of standard differ or keyed alike cylinders suitable for use where only a dedicated key/cylinder is required to operate a

euro or oval profile cylinder lock case

Single Euro Length Item Code
Single_Euro 40mm (30/10mm) 01 203.1
45mm (35/10mm) 01 203.2
Euro Double Cylinders Length Item Code
Euro_Double_Cylinders 60mm (30/30mm) 01 223.1
70mm (35/35mm) 01 223.2
80mm (40/40mm) 01 223.3
Euro Cylinder and Thumbturn Length Item Code

01 200 series standard differ and keyed
alike cylinders are supplied with 'Peanut'
thumbturn as below image

60mm (30/30mm) 01 233.1
70mm (35/35mm) 01 233.2
80mm (40/40mm) 01 233.3
Mortice Cylinder (Screw in Rim) Length Item Code
Mortice_Cylinder 34mm dia / 25mm 01 206.1
Rim Cylinder Length Item Code
Rim_Cylinder 32mm dia / 27mm 01 205.1
Keys Item Code Options

Master Key
Additional Differ keys supplied with order
Additonal Differ keys supplied later

01 900MK 01 900MK
01 900SO
01 900LATER

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